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Who We Are

We are a community-based yoga studio dedicated to providing you with a positive, challenging, and life-changing experience through both heated and non-heated classes. We believe that hatha yoga is a practice of awareness, compassion, patience, and determination. Through yoga, we learn to accept ourselves as we are while simultaneously experiencing transformation. As a community, we sweat, laugh, support and inspire one another, and grow together. We invite you to discover your best self, body and mind, and feel healthier than you ever imagined possible.


What is Hatha Yoga?

Yoga was born in India, and has it’s roots in Hindu philosophy.  Hatha yoga is the practice of physical postures, known as asanas, and these asanas were originally designed as a tool to prepare the body for seated meditation.  In the U.S. today, hatha yoga is largely used as a form of physical exercise to improve health and wellness.  At Sweaty Ganesh Yoga, we focus on teaching the physical postures and uniting the mind with the body, providing space for practitioners to choose and discover how hatha yoga infuses their lives.


Why Ganesh?

As a Hindu deity and cultural icon, Ganesh is commonly referred to as the Remover of Obstacles.  We chose to include him in our studio’s name as a metaphor for your yoga practice.  We know first-hand that yoga is a journey of personal growth – the physical body and the mind learn to work together as we uncover self-imposed mental limitations, let go of old stories we tell about ourselves, and learn to meet our true physical edges in postures.  In essence, the journey involves identifying the obstacles that stand in the way of being your ideal self and living your fullest life imaginable.  This growth is a natural consequence of consistent hatha yoga practice, and may occur whether or not you sought it at the start of your practice.  What might you do if nothing stood in your way?